Wir sind die Brandmauer Dresden


Here is an English translation of some of the speeches. Unfortunately, we did not receive the texts of all the speeches, which is why only a selection can be found here.

Seebrücke Dresden

Dear people,
Our initiative, Seebrücke Dresden, unites people who believe that all people have a right to live in peace, security and dignity in the place of their choice. Regardless of where they were born, what they believe and how they love, we have exchanged enough arguments on this in recent years.
There are clear legal regulations in our country regarding the reception, accommodation and care of refugees. Some people think they go too far, others think they are fine. For us and many other people, they do not go far enough. However, the fact remains that we all have to comply with them and that they are imposed regardless of whether they suit us or not.
2 years ago, it was a long and rocky road for us and all our supporters until the city councillors declared Dresden a safe haven by a narrow majority. With this decision, the city council declared its willingness to work on the implementation of three of the many demands placed on a safe haven, and with their decision, the city councillors declared their willingness to show solidarity with the sea rescuers of Mission Lifeline.
It is a verbal act of humanity, no more and no less, and they have declared their willingness to take in more refugees than the Königstein Key prescribes if the need arises. And hand on heart: isn’t the ongoing war in Ukraine such a need to take in more people? This war is just two countries away from us.
However, war and human rights violations are not only taking place there, but in many other places around the world. In the end, the number of people we have to accommodate makes up just half a percent of our city’s population. In the end, the city council has declared its willingness to ensure that people seeking protection here can arrive and stay in dignity.
In this area in particular, the city can rely on the expertise and support of many Dresden residents working on a voluntary basis. We are ready to take responsibility together
This resolution has been up for discussion since May 2023. There is a motion to overturn it. The item is always on the agenda. And we sit in the chamber for hours on end, from meeting to meeting, waiting to be allowed to present our arguments in a speech. The Dissidenten faction has ceded us its right to speak on this point.
The fatal thing about the motion is that it does not come from the right-wing corner of the city council, but from a group that, representing Christian values, stands for the middle class and which knows that it is certain to receive the approval of the right-wing corner of the council on this point. We agree, more money is needed for the municipalities, more support is needed to shape migration well!
And that is precisely why we as a city need to make a clear statement about the right of all people to live in peace and security. And those who come to us in search of these lives for a time or forever should be able to do so. Under humane conditions and free from the fear of being treated with hostility because of their origin, religion or life plan.
There is a loud minority that is currently roaming the city with inhumane slogans, taking over local council meetings and unsettling people who disagree with them. But this cannot be the reason to take back a decision, the implementation of which will make Dresden a truly cosmopolitan and solidary city.
On the day of the upcoming city council meeting, Thursday, February 29, we have announced a vigil from 3.30 to 4.30 p.m. in front of the town hall to set an example for Dresden as a safe haven. Come along and support us. 
Join us in showing that our city stands up for human rights and let’s stand together for an open-minded Dresden of solidarity! No human being is illegal!

Solidarische Vernetzung Sachsen

– Jakob Springfeld
Hello anti-fascists and friends,
Just a few weeks ago, who would have imagined this? Hundreds of thousands are rallying for democracy, humanity, and against the extreme right in our country. It’s not just in big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, or Munich, but also in smaller places like Thuringia, Brandenburg, and Saxony. It’s heartening to see many of you here today. Thanks for being here, and a big shoutout to the organizers for allowing me to speak. Make some noise for yourselves!
Last Friday, I was in Freiberg, not far away, for a reading. Two stories stood out. A young student shared about swastika graffiti in her school, and a dad mentioned a neo-Nazi practicing with a crossbow near his house. This dad, especially because of his kids, feels scared to speak up in his town. Fear spaces have emerged in this country, where neo-Nazis commit crimes.
How incredible is it that we are breaking through these fear spaces, at least partly? While we stand safe in Dresden, people in smaller towns are on the streets. In Zwickau and Bautzen, demonstrations are happening now against the extreme right. Thanks to the locals! Thanks for standing up despite threats! Together, we must defend democracy not only in Dresden but also in the countryside!
To be honest, the current protests are far from over. Mass protests motivate, but it’s alarming that Germany is getting used to right-wing violence. 100,000 people protest against the AfD and the far right, yet attacks on refugees are increasing. We must not get used to this. Discrimination and violence should never be normal. Let’s take those affected more seriously. Fear spaces and extreme-right murders show authorities failing. As democrats and anti-fascists, we must never blindly rely on anyone but organize ourselves and become active beyond demonstrating!
The situation is serious. We need to strengthen the minimum consensus of rejecting right-wing extremists across party lines. Sometimes you have to overcome differences. The AfD did not emerge in a vacuum. The demand to ban the AfD is right, but we must also reject harmful policies. To fight the shift to the right, we must unite, overcome inequalities, and become a movement that brings positive change. We’re doing this in Solidarische Vernetzung Sachsen, and many others are too.
Three positive things:
„Omas gegen Rechts“ (Grannies against the far right) group formed in Döbeln, demonstrations continue in Waldheim, Saxony, and nationwide AfD support is falling. We’re effective, and we must do everything to stay effective!
Stay in solidarity, take care, and support those in smaller towns.
We remain active—for democracy, against fascism!
All together against fascism!